The Playstation Air Force 1 was probably one of the most well liked and sought after AF1s ever, it was unfortunately a promo only sneaker. A Nike Air Max 90/360 Hybrid Playstation was created as well and was definitely just as nice, again, promo only. For those who had trouble finding a pair of the Playstation AF1 or the Playstation Air Max 90/360 Hybrid, the above Playstation AF1 inspired Nike Shox Monster could serve as an alternative. The upper features a black metallic patent leather holding up a good part of the top and the bottom of the body. The nicest piece is the mesh on the midbody featuring a gradient from white to blue to purple, reminiscent of the Playstation colors. The rest of the sneaker based details are in black including the lining, sole and the Nike Shox units. The last detail calling out the game system are the purple laces, a nice touch to finish off. Very limited numbers of this Playstation Air Force 1 inspired Nike Shox Monster will be available exclusively at select flagship Foot Lockers in early November.
- Sneaker News