Combining features from favorite Jordan retros, the Six Rings has become one of the hottest ’08 Jordan releases. This colorway is available at Foot Locker stores as of 1/24, and although they’re a bit more detailed and colorful than previous releases it’s worth being optimistic. When it comes down to hooking up a jersey or shirt with a pair of kicks, this colorway provides many options. How about a Celtics jersey to hook up with the green stitching, or an Orlando jersey to hook up with the blue outsole? On top of the assortment of colors, check out the bottom of the shoe. Not quite sure what it is about a unique sole, but for some reason it’s always a plus. Not only does it get dirty, that is of course if you wear them, but nobody really gets a good look unless your sitting on a subway with your legs crossed. Check out the gallery for a closer look at the transparent features and other details.