So here it is, the answer for what really changed on the released version of the Air Jordan Fusion 4, as compared to the sample we showed you. Before we give away the answer I just wanted to give a shout to everyone who was throwing out color shade differences: I hear you.
Still, that’s not the “answer” since so many minor factors can contribute to this outside of the shoe production itself (the color balance of your computer monitor, the lighting when the shoe was photographed, how long one sample sat on the designer’s windowsill in the sun… etc.)


Anyway, for the next WCOTS, know that we are focusing on more major shifts from sample to production. And also, if you join Foot Locker’s VIP program, next time you could win a $100 Gift Card for getting the answer right!! Answer after the jump.

The Differences:
1. The Swoosh: it was on the sample but not the released shoe. Some comments were that the swoosh was changed to black and still there, but as you can see from our zoom on the mesh there’s no black-on-black swoosh there.
2. The Fusion Logo Clasp: this was the tough one, but if you check closely the clasp that holds the AF1/Jumpman logo was white on the sample, and black on the release version