We showed you a cell phone preview of the Hyperdunk 2010, and now it’s time to unveil a full look. This Hyperdunk 2010 in comet red/white/del sol will be available at Foot Locker this summer.


At first look, the upper strongly resembles the recently released Zoom Kobe V. Unlike the original Hyperdunk and most other shoes that include flywire support, neither the Kobe V nor the Hyperdunk 2010 has any clear window to reveal the flywire. Instead, it is embedded in the upper material, revealed only in bulges. Kobe himself described this look as reminiscent of the muscle fibers on a race-horse, seen tightening and relaxing beneath the skin as they run.


The upper also combines a bright sheen with patterns of distress, giving it an old and new look simultaneously. Trim around the collar and heel cap have a distinct yellow and white pattern. For more shots and a wallpaper of the Hyperdunk 2010, check the Gallery.