Imported from Europe, the Nike Big Nike AC has been a hit in the lifestyle category in its short time in the States. Originally released as a basketball shoe in the 80′s as the “Big Nike,” the Big Nike AC has an identical upper to its predecessor. The sole, however, has been transformed from a basketball sole to a lifestyle inspired one. The Big Nike AC falls into the same ballpark as Air Force 1s and Dunks but has its own unique flair with stylized tongues and heel tabs, and a non-attached upper lace collar. The Big Nike AC is currently available in two colorways: black/red/white and all black. Both shoes have thick white midsoles, reminiscent of Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star’s. The black/red/white style has a white swoosh with red accents on the tongue, inside the lace collar and on the midsole. Though the all black model is one color, there are a number of designs on the shoe that make it anything but boring. A patent leather swoosh, gingham lace collar, and stylized ankle pad give the murdered out shoe some nice design touches. The tongue is also completely leather as opposed to the black/red/white style which has a nylon tongue.

The Big Nike AC can be found exclusively at Foot Locker for $80.

Big Nike AC Black/Red/White

Big Nike AC Black

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