In the quest to make the perfect running shoe, companies have sought inspiration from all kinds of sources and experimentation with different materials. PUMA has unleashed a brand new model that takes its inspiration from a part of nature that you might not have thought to be connected with running – spider webs. According to PUMA, the designers of the BioWeb Elite studied the intricacies of the spider web to find out what makes them so strong and use that information to develop a durable, comfortable, and lightweight shoe to put PUMA back on the map in the running category of footwear. The BioWeb technology focuses on two parts of the shoe: the WebCage and WebTech. The WebCage, like a spiderweb, is made from “lightweight materials [that] provide flexible support without sacrificing durability.” WebTech can be found on the heel of the shoe and it provides the support and cushioning necessary in a running shoe but remains lightweight so as not to add extra strain on your feet and knees while running. At 10.4 ounces and with an “exoskeleton” that provides the support of a shoe twice its weight, the BioWeb is not only flashy but effective. Constructed from breathable mesh underneath the WebCage, the BioWeb is also among the most comfortable on the market.

The Puma BioWeb Elite release today, Tuesday, January 15th in six colorways and is currently available at Foot Locker and on Each pair retails for $100.

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