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Kobe Four-Rings Tee: Charcoal Heather Restock

All three colors of the Kobe Championship Four-Rings Tee cleared out at the House of Hoops LA yesterday, but tomorrow (Friday 6/26) more of the charcoal-heather Four-Rings tees will be delivered. Hold out for one more day and we’ve got you covered.

Kobe Four-Rings Tee Update: One More Time

Guess what? If you’re waiting on line for the purple or gold Kobe four-rings tee you won’t be waiting for too much longer. The t-shirts are arriving TOMORROW, Wednesday by noon. Only at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center).

Kobe Four-Rings MVP Championship Tee Delivery Update

***NEW UPDATE 6/23, BOTH TEES ARRIVING WEDNESDAY 6/23*** Important update for everyone who’s chasing down the Kobe four-rings tee. The Gold and Purple four-rings tees will be arriving a day earlier than expected: Thursday by noon at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center). This is the only US store to get the gold release (with… Read More >>

More Exclusive Kobe MVP Championship Tees at House of Hoops

***NEW UPDATE 6/23, BOTH TEES ARRIVING WEDNESDAY 6/23*** We showed you the charcoal heather four-rings tee last week, which releases today at House of Hoops and LA Foot Locker locations, but there’s more to come this Friday. The yellow four-rings tee which was thought to be a China only release is hitting House of Hoops… Read More >>

Kobe Most Valuable Puppet 4-Ring Tee

Good thing puppets and cartoons have four fingers, because now Kobe’s got four rings. This 4-ring charcoal heather t-shirt is going to release at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center) and LA area Foot Locker locations on Monday afternoon. The t-shirt design stems from Nike’s series of puppet commercials that ran throughout the NBA playoffs… Read More >>