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Kobe 5-Rings Championships Tees at House of Hoops

These Kobe 5-Rings Championships Tees will be available at House of Hoops locations in the next week or so. The Puppet Tee sequel is here, and if you were wondering where the 5th ring goes on a 4-fingered puppet… question answered. Puppet 5 Rings

Kobe 5-Rings Tees at Foot Locker

So Kobe’s on a streak: 2 in a row and 1 more than Shaq. Only 1 behind MJ. If you remember the craze over his 4-rings tees last year, get ready for a follow-up with these 5-rings tees hitting Foot Locker stores in the next week or so. There are 4 new styles, more after… Read More >>