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Nike Total Max Foamposite Black

Kicksmas gets off to a great start with the release of the Total Max Foamposite aka Tim Duncans. As part of the Black Pack, the Total Max Foamposite stands out thanks to its excellent pedigree as Tim Duncan’s away kicks while wreaking havoc with the Spurs.After the jump, our countdown link to cop these at… Read More >>

Celebrate Kicksmas With The Black Pack

It’s Kicksmas Time here at Foot Locker! To kick off the celebration, we present to you the Black Pack.The Black Pack is our way of honoring the great tradition that is Black Friday. In the Black Pack, you’ll find some of the hottest shoe releases for the coming holiday. Each of these shoes will be… Read More >>

Nike Air Total Foamposite Max

When I first saw Tim Duncan playing in these, I was in awe. They were so clean, so shiny, with all that Air! Fast forward, and now we’re set to release the “Tim Duncans” on October 1. After the jump, more images and why this shoe is so cool.