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Nike Zoom Kobe VI Kay Yow

Once again, Nike has partnered with the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to release the Kay Yow Nike Zoom Kobe VI. The Kay Yow Kobe has a stylish pinkfire snake print base, white and pink outsole and silver heel counter. On the inside heel, there’s a pink ribbon in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, and Kobe’s… Read More >>

CP3.II “China Exclusive” Available Now at House of Hoops

The much anticipated Jordan Brand CP3.II “China Exclusive” isn’t just dropping in the Far East; it’s available now at House of Hoops locations. The white/metallic-silver/neptune-blue shoe has incredible detailing on the heel, collar and tongue, along with matching art on the all black box. The upper is clean white leather with criss-crossing blue contrast stitching…. Read More >>

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra Pack, Storm Shadow at House of Hoops

If you were up on the Transformers Pack that released earlier in July, we’ve got more good news. A second House of Hoops exclusive blockbuster themed shoe release is hitting in August. This time it’s for the new “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” movie (which looks sick by the way). Take a peak at… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Restock at House of Hoops

If you didn’t get a chance to cop the Transformers pack at House of Hoops last Friday, you will get a second chance: all three House of Hoops locations are getting restocked the end of this week. Quick refresher: the pack includes a “Megatron” Zoom Flight Club, a “Soundwave” Zoom Sharkalaid, and a “Bumblebee” Zoom… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops: Megatron

We saved the big guy for last: Megatron. The leader of the Decepticons is getting celebrated on a Zoom Flight Club in the Transformers pack releasing on 7/10 at House of Hoops. A transparent plastic shroud wraps the grey mesh upper, secured with a lateral velcro strap and vertical zipper. The collar is lined with… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops: Soundwave

Another shoe featured in the Transformer pack is the Sharkalaid “Soundwave.” The Sharkalaid is a new hybrid combining features of the Air Raid (criss-crossing double straps, the upper) and the Sharkley (outsole, midsole). The Sharkalaid “Soundwave” releases with the other Transformers only at House of Hoops locations on Friday 7/10. For more detailed shots check… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops: Bumblebee

To match up with the huge summer blockbuster “Transformers II,” House of Hoops is releasing shoes for three key Transformers. All three release on Friday 7/10 at all House of Hoops locations. Here’s a look at the Nike Zoom Fun Police “Bumblebee,” complete with toy packaging. More detailed shots after the jump.

Kobe Four-Rings Tee Update: One More Time

Guess what? If you’re waiting on line for the purple or gold Kobe four-rings tee you won’t be waiting for too much longer. The t-shirts are arriving TOMORROW, Wednesday by noon. Only at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center).

Kobe Four-Rings MVP Championship Tee Delivery Update

***NEW UPDATE 6/23, BOTH TEES ARRIVING WEDNESDAY 6/23*** Important update for everyone who’s chasing down the Kobe four-rings tee. The Gold and Purple four-rings tees will be arriving a day earlier than expected: Thursday by noon at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center). This is the only US store to get the gold release (with… Read More >>

More Exclusive Kobe MVP Championship Tees at House of Hoops

***NEW UPDATE 6/23, BOTH TEES ARRIVING WEDNESDAY 6/23*** We showed you the charcoal heather four-rings tee last week, which releases today at House of Hoops and LA Foot Locker locations, but there’s more to come this Friday. The yellow four-rings tee which was thought to be a China only release is hitting House of Hoops… Read More >>

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