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Jordan Black Flip 3

The Cement 3’s recently made their debut on Black Friday to much fanfare. Right on its heels, is the Retro 3 Flip debuting 12/3. More images after the jump.

Jordan Brand Retro 3 Black Cement

Now that you’ve had your fill of turkey and football, it’s time to get serious. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while. We’ve had the True Blues and the Stealth 3’s earlier this year. But the Black Cement 3’s are a special shoe. The cement print, the AIR bubble, the tumble leather,… Read More >>

Celebrate Kicksmas With The Black Pack

It’s Kicksmas Time here at Foot Locker! To kick off the celebration, we present to you the Black Pack.The Black Pack is our way of honoring the great tradition that is Black Friday. In the Black Pack, you’ll find some of the hottest shoe releases for the coming holiday. Each of these shoes will be… Read More >>

Jordan Retro 3 True Blue Countdown

Game on, the countdown has started for the Jordan Retro 3 White/True Blue, which goes live at the link here at midnight. You can start your virtual camp-out, or head to a Foot Locker store tomorrow morning and grab your pair. Jordan Retro 3

Jordan Retro 3 True Blue

The Jordan Retro 3 True Blue is back, last retroed in 2001 unless you’re not in the US (it was an international release in ’09). It hits Saturday, June 4th at footlocker.com and Foot Locker stores. Check in next week for a link to the footlocker.com countdown clock, which tracks the exact moment you can… Read More >>

Jordan Retro 3 Cement Countdown

It’s here, the first Jordan Retro 3 of 2011 will be available on footlocker.com at midnight tonight. You can count down the seconds till it’s available at the link below and then order online, or hit a Foot Locker store tomorrow morning and pick up your pair. Don’t be alarmed by the lack of photo… Read More >>