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Hottest Month Ever Release: Nike Zoom Kobe VII Shark

Nike Zoom Kobe VII was designed with inspiration from the animal kingdowm. The Kobe VII will release in four unique colorways known as the Predator Pack. The four animals the Predator Pack will represent are the wolf, shark, cheetah, and snake. The “Cheetah” released at Christmas and, on Tuesday, February 14, the “Great White Shark”… Read More >>

Hottest Month Ever Release: Nike Kobe VII

The Kobe VII black/white/grey will be just one of five of the hot releases on the first Saturday of Foot Locker’s Hottest Month Ever.  As one of the more subtle colors that Nike has released so far for the Kobe VII, the beauty of the black/white/grey colorway is in its simplicity.  There are two tones… Read More >>