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Kobe 5-Rings Championships Tees at House of Hoops

These Kobe 5-Rings Championships Tees will be available at House of Hoops locations in the next week or so. The Puppet Tee sequel is here, and if you were wondering where the 5th ring goes on a 4-fingered puppet… question answered. Puppet 5 Rings

Lil’ Dez MVPuppets Tee in Black and White at House of Hoops and Foot Locker

In the next few weeks, more colors of the Lil’ Dez MVPuppets Tee will be arriving at House of Hoops and select Foot Locker stores. Previously available in only university blue, you can now grab basic black or white.

Kobe Most Valuable Puppet 4-Ring Tee

Good thing puppets and cartoons have four fingers, because now Kobe’s got four rings. This 4-ring charcoal heather t-shirt is going to release at House of Hoops LA (Beverly Center) and LA area Foot Locker locations on Monday afternoon. The t-shirt design stems from Nike’s series of puppet commercials that ran throughout the NBA playoffs… Read More >>