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The Sample Closet: Nike Shox VC

When Vince Carter first started wearing Nike, he rocked the Shox BB4. Of course he dunked over Frederick Weiss in those BB4’s, but that’s a story for a different time. The first signature shoe for Vince came next: the Nike Shox VC. Zoom Air in the forefoot and Shox technology in the heel seemingly allowed… Read More >>

The Sample Closet: Adidas Superstar

When I was younger, everyone wanted the Adidas superstars. We called them ‘Shell-Toe Adidas’ because the toe box was made of rubber and looked like a clam shell. Once Run-DMC started rocking them and made a song about them, it was over! So when I found these in our Sample Closet, a nostalgic smile came… Read More >>