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What Changed on This Sample: Jordan 2011, The Answer

Find all the changes? Check after the jump for a full run-down.

Guess that Sample

Here’s a sample of a new basketball shoe due at Foot Locker in 2011. Some shots of this model have already leaked, but not many… Who’s got the knowledge to id this one?


What Changed on This Sample: Melo M6

Check out this early sample of the Melo M6 which hit Foot Locker stores and footlocker.com recently. Can you list all of the changes that were made from this sample to the actual version that was released? Check back for the answer Thursday, December 10th. If you’re a Foot Locker VIP, you can submit the… Read More >>

What Changed on This Sample: AJF4 Stealth

If you’re new to the WCOTS feature, here’s the deal: The AJF4 black/v-red/stealth just released this past Saturday, and below are some shots of an early sample. Can you figure out all the elements on the shoe that changed from the sample to the released version? We’ll give you until Tuesday to figure it out,… Read More >>