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House of Hoops Town East Mall Grand Opening Product Breakdown

In case you haven’t heard, a new House of Hoops location is opening up this Saturday 11/21 at the existing Foot Locker in Town East Mall. It’s a Dallas-area spot in Mesquite, Texas and there will be grand opening events with athlete appearances, but most importantly will be the limited footwear on hand for all… Read More >>

GI Joe Pack Now At All House of Hoops

The GI Joe Pack which hit the Cherry Hill, NJ House of Hoops opening a weekend early, is now available at all 4 House of Hoops spots. As a refresher, it includes a Nike Zoom Alpholution Cobra Commander, Hyperize Destro, and a Zoom Sharkalaid Storm Shadow. Sharkalaid Storm Shadow Hyperize Destro Zoom Alphalution Cobra Commander

Cherry Hill House of Hoops Product 8/15-8/16

We broke down Friday’s (todays) product for you yesterday, and here’s the rundown of kicks that are going to be arriving at the Cherry Hill House of Hoops Saturday and Sunday. Complete list after the jump. Arriving Saturday 8/15 CP3.II “China Exclusive” Hyperize Philadelphia Challenge Red

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra Pack, Storm Shadow at House of Hoops

If you were up on the Transformers Pack that released earlier in July, we’ve got more good news. A second House of Hoops exclusive blockbuster themed shoe release is hitting in August. This time it’s for the new “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” movie (which looks sick by the way). Take a peak at… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops: Soundwave

Another shoe featured in the Transformer pack is the Sharkalaid “Soundwave.” The Sharkalaid is a new hybrid combining features of the Air Raid (criss-crossing double straps, the upper) and the Sharkley (outsole, midsole). The Sharkalaid “Soundwave” releases with the other Transformers only at House of Hoops locations on Friday 7/10. For more detailed shots check… Read More >>