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VIDEO: “Life Changes After the Draft” featuring Dante Exum

Getting drafted into the NBA is the ultimate life-changing moment for a basketball player. For Austrialian draft prospect Dante Exum that moment arrives this Thursday. Until then though, he’s still an unknown just like the rest of us. Watch our new adidas “Life Changes After The Draft” spots airing this week, and let us know… Read More >>

Our New Holiday Commercial with Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks

The Holiday season is the time for family, friends and gift giving. In our new Approved campaign ad, NFL stars Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks show off the difference between a good and bad gift. Cruz knows bad acting from Nicks when he sees it and the only thing that can make it right is… Read More >>

Foot Locker x adidas: Dwight Howard “Ghost Hunter” Video

Earlier in the week we debuted our new Foot Locker Approved adidas spot with Ricky Rubio. Today we welcome the big man, Dwight Howard, on the Foot Locker Approved team. Dwight is no stranger to dominating on the court, but when he leaves the court does he become Dwight Howard Ghost Hunter? Certainly not. Dwight… Read More >>

Melo 5 Can Help You Apologize

Hey Foot Locker Fans! It’s me, Melo 5. Oh, you thought I was Carmelo Anthony? My apologies. And I know a thing or two about those. Want proof? Check out my commercial below. Today, because you’re a Foot Locker fan, I’m here to help you apologize. Like maybe you accidentally broke your friend’s iPod? Or… Read More >>

Foot Locker Approved: New Videos – Part II

A few weeks ago we launched the Foot Locker Approved campaign with NBA stars Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. Prior to filming the commercial spots, Foot Locker Unlocked went behind-the-scenes on the set of the shoot to interview some of the biggest players in the game today. We recently… Read More >>