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Nike Zoom Flight Club Raincoat Pack at House of Hoops 10/31

The Nike Zoom Flight Club first hit the scene dressed with a transparent plastic upper in the Transformers Pack; Megatron to be exact. It was a good look, and now releasing on 10/31 House of Hoops will have the “Raincoat Pack” (sometimes dubbed the invisible pack) with four different color-ups of the transparently shrouded shoe:… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Restock at House of Hoops

If you didn’t get a chance to cop the Transformers pack at House of Hoops last Friday, you will get a second chance: all three House of Hoops locations are getting restocked the end of this week. Quick refresher: the pack includes a “Megatron” Zoom Flight Club, a “Soundwave” Zoom Sharkalaid, and a “Bumblebee” Zoom… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops: Megatron

We saved the big guy for last: Megatron. The leader of the Decepticons is getting celebrated on a Zoom Flight Club in the Transformers pack releasing on 7/10 at House of Hoops. A transparent plastic shroud wraps the grey mesh upper, secured with a lateral velcro strap and vertical zipper. The collar is lined with… Read More >>