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Nike Zoom Sharkalaid PE’s at House of Hoops Now

Two Player Exclusive Nike Zoom Sharkalaid’s have hit House of Hoops locations this week: custom make-ups for Deron Williams and Rudy Gay. Both players have been putting them on the court this NBA season.

GI Joe Pack Exclusively at House of Hoops 8/15

Following the similar “blockbuster-inspired-toy-packaged” vein of the Transformers Pack released earlier this year, House of Hoops will be exclusively releasing a GI Joe Pack on Saturday 8/15. The movie is #1 at the box office right now, and this pack looks to be equally as hot. It includes a Nike Zoom Alpholution Cobra Commander, Hyperize… Read More >>

Transformers Pack Restock at House of Hoops

If you didn’t get a chance to cop the Transformers pack at House of Hoops last Friday, you will get a second chance: all three House of Hoops locations are getting restocked the end of this week. Quick refresher: the pack includes a “Megatron” Zoom Flight Club, a “Soundwave” Zoom Sharkalaid, and a “Bumblebee” Zoom… Read More >>