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Air Griffey Max 1

With a March 2009 launch, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1's have come back with a fresh white/water/var.red/black colorway. There's always hype over retro sneakers because it provides an opportunity to pick up a pair of kicks that may not have made it into the collection during it's original release. Several details are found on these retros including a #24 stitched on the velcro strap, representing Griffey's number during his career as a Seattle Mariner. This period, 1989-1999, was also the time in which the original Air Griffey Max 1 first launched. On the bottom of the sole there's an added detail of a 'flaming' baseball, along with a variety of varsity red accents found on different areas of the shoe.




RELEASE: 03/01/2009

COLOR: wht/water/v.red/blk

STYLE: Retro