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Big Nike High LE

The Big Nike resembles other Nike favorites such as the Dunk High and Air Jordan 1 High. Some similarities include the flat toebox, upper, and sole. The Air Jordan 1 has a skinnier, flatter overall appearance, but all three have nearly identical mid and outsoles. The main difference between the three is the heel area; AJ1's have the wing logo, the Big Nike has NIKE boxed on the heel, and Dunks have a more simple look. With this particular pair of Big Nike's, the majority of the upper consists of black, red and white plaid along with a white swoosh. Besides the plaid, another hot feature found on the heel is NIKE written in script which differs from other Big Nike styles which have a bolder, boxier text. Additional images are found on the ankle area, making the shoe even more unique. This is a House of Hoops release.

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RELEASE: 05/15/2009

COLOR: wht/v.red/blk