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Foamposite One

2010 is a big year for Foamposite Retros, bringing back the popular Eggplant color and also bringing new ones like the Copper and this Black/Red Ice. The Nike Foamposite first hit the scene in 1997 on the feet of Penny Hardaway, then a guard for the Orlando Magic. The shoe was known for its space age injection-molded foam upper and eye catching clear icy sole.

This Foamposite retro takes the popular “icy” sole in a totally new direction by making it fire red. The color combined with the translucent material makes it resemble a cough drop. The Foamposite shell upper is a smokey black with red hilights on the Swoosh and Penny logos. A look at the outsole really shows the red ice in its full glory, rimming the shoe and also filling in between the herringbone traction.

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RELEASE: 06/19/2010

COLOR: black/red ice

STYLE: Cough Drop