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LeBron 9 Elite

The LeBron 9 Elite is a great looking shoe, designed specifically for LeBron James and those that emulate his style of play. Using carbon fiber material (on all three Elite pack shoes), the LeBron 9 has become even more responsive to the athlete than before by making the shoe lighter and providing the wearer with a more custom fit. More than the other Elite pack shoes, the LeBron has extra carbon fiber running from the heel to the wing to provide extra mid-foot support. All three Elite shoes also feature Kevlar, the material known for being bullet proof. The Kevlar is incorporated into the shoe via Nike’s Flywire technology. Not only is the LeBron 9 Elite lighter than the original, but it is also stronger and more durable, not to mention a touch flashier. It is no secret that the gold on each Elite shoe represents the Larry O’Brien trophy that the winner of the NBA Championship receives.

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RELEASE: 04/28/2012

COLOR: white/black/gold