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Kobe VII

What do Kobe Bryant and Harry Potter have in common? No, they are not both wizards – though some would make that argument. The answer: they both have Invisibility Cloaks (only one of the aforementioned cloaks actually makes you invisible). This colorway for Kobe’s signature shoe will be a mix of deep purple and a turquoise shade of blue, depending on the angle you look at it from and how the light reflects off of the sneaker. The only simple part of the shoe is the all white Nike swoosh, which seems fitting with so much going on around it. Another highlight of this colorway is the pink that adorns Kobe’s logo on the tongue and sole, as well as the entire inner sole and two spots on the heel.

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RELEASE: 11/24/2012

COLOR: Black/Court Purple-Turquoise Blue

STYLE: Invisibility Cloak